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GB-2326385-A: Airbag covering front and rear side windows patent, GB-2326809-A: Agricultural implements patent, GB-2331497-A: Conveyor apparatus for and a method of locating a structural element patent, GB-2331554-A: A method of controlling a hydraulically actuated electronically controlled fuel injector to reduce wear and noise patent, GB-2334049-A: Heave compensating riser system patent, GB-2342200-A: Initializing global registers patent, GB-2343616-A: Cleaning heads for suction cleaners, and adaptors for use therewith patent, GB-2349629-A: Collection vehicle patent, GB-2351959-A: A Container patent, GB-2354017-A: Foldable enclosure patent, GB-2360549-A: Fan operating system patent, GB-2361203-A: Soldering method and method of mixing solder paste patent, GB-2364879-A: Sponge cake premix patent, GB-2367652-A: Scheduling control within a system having mixed hardware and software based instruction execution patent, GB-2369058-A: Lymphoedema bandage patent, GB-2377378-A: A picture frame patent, GB-2377457-A: A building panel with pressure sensitive adhesive patent, GB-2377511-A: A method of copy protection of digital data by addition of values to codewords to introduce errors which are then marked as uncorrectable patent, GB-2381510-A: Bicycle rear suspension patent, GB-2384896-A: Method and apparatus for synchronizing interrupts in a message passing queue oriented bus system patent, GB-2387903-A: Multiparameter analysis using tagged molecules patent, GB-2403845-A: Capturing ions in a quadrupole ion trap using a non-sinusoidal RF waveform patent, GB-2405759-A: Fiber optic amplifier for oilfield applications patent, GB-2406145-A: Reinforced composite blade patent, GB-2406821-A: Detergent body patent, GB-2410200-A: A valve assembly patent, GB-2419794-A: Audio feedback processing system patent, GB-2428680-A: Phospor based on a combination of quantum dot and conventional phosphors patent, GB-2433690-A: Intermittently operated insect trap patent, GB-2439641-A: Intubation detector patent, GB-2443072-A: Electric cutting tool with at least two motors patent, GB-2446973-A: A process for the continuous production of magnesium diboride based superconductors patent, GB-2449800-A: Apparatus and method for fluid flow measurement with sensor shielding patent, GB-2453680-A: A method of controlling water condensation in a near wellbore region of a formation patent, GB-2458841-A: Electrostatic coating device patent, GB-2461309-A: Reamer having a rotary drive patent, GB-2462518-A: In-line testing of the concentration of a chemical in a water-containing system patent, GB-2466666-A: Speech coding patent, GB-2468693-A: Wind turbine blade control patent, GB-2472519-A: System and method for well test design, interpretation and test objectives verification patent, GB-2472931-A: Polycrystalline ultra-hard material formed in a two stage high temperature and high pressure process patent, GB-2473713-A: Dredge for harvesting shellfish patent, GB-2474827-A: Surface modification patent, GB-2475764-A: Two-shaft shift transmission of a motor vehicle patent, GB-2476379-A: Measuring a radio wave reception environment using RSSI values patent, GB-2477402-A: Access control system based upon behavioral patterns patent, GB-2481450-A: Trust establishment in service provision calls patent, GB-2483203-A: Treatment of acinetobacter with alginate oligomers and antibiotics patent, GB-2483260-A: Furniture system and fixing patent, GB-2485590-A: Method for detecting at least one direct factor Xa inhibitors patent, GB-2486199-A: Enclosure including cement-based armoured panels for ATM protection patent, GB-2486539-A: Running tool with feedback mechanism patent, GB-2489230-A: Fast and high airborne gravity gradiometer survey patent, GB-2490697-A: A cyclone arrangement for a surface treating appliance patent, GB-2490860-A: A method of monitoring radio signal coverage patent, GB-2495431-A: Automatic routing using search results patent, GB-2499738-A: Continuous application execution between multiple devices patent, GB-2501565-A: Reduction of Periodic Disturbances in feedback of a control system patent, GB-2501724-A: Routing messages in a telecommunications network to machine-to-machine devices patent, GB-2502192-A: Method of imaging a longitudinal conduit patent, GB-2505833-A: Assessment method patent, GB-2512054-A: Method to verify correctness of computer system software and hardware components and corresponding test environment patent, GB-2514232-A: Rendering in computer graphics systems patent, GB-2518052-A: Group server performance correction via actions to server subset patent, GB-2518992-A: Electrical-wire-protecting member patent, GB-2519137-A: Surgical apparatus container assembly patent, GB-2520082-A: Wind turbine blades patent, GB-2523078-A: Multi-purpose box/workstation for plumbing and similar applications patent, GB-2526551-A: Modular storage frame patent, GB-2527865-A: Controlling operational characteristics of an acoustic echo canceller patent, GB-2529330-A: Ion optical element patent, GB-2529842-A: Generating coverage metrics for black-box testing patent, GB-2532042-A: Pure delay estimation patent, GB-2534089-A: A video signal caption system and method for advertising patent, GB-2535138-A: Mobile device protective case patent, GB-2535829-A: Grass cutter patent, GB-2542948-A: Cemented carbide material patent, GB-2544496-A: Wheel recutting patent, GB-2545690-A: Cooling apparatus patent, GB-2548475-A: A mobile camera-equipped device-based approach to assessing a display patent, GB-2548612-A: Personal security alarm patent, GB-2548791-A: An improved receiver for fireams patent, GB-2549234-A: Apparatus and method for extending feature selection in a communication system patent, JP-2002228654-A: 組織マッピング方法及び組織マップ分析装置 patent, JP-2002363276-A: 芳香族ポリカーボネートの製造方法 patent, JP-2003051570-A: 半導体装置及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2004132955-A: 分析試験カートリッジ及び方法 patent, JP-2005015746-A: Biodegradable polyester-based resin composition patent, JP-2005255234-A: フォトマスク収納用容器 patent, JP-2006244418-A: Service providing system and service providing device patent, JP-2007012479-A: Power feed adjustment device, power supply device, adjustment method of power supply device and induction heating device patent, JP-2007136793-A: Injection molding machine patent, JP-2007222169-A: Stabilized preparation of serine endopeptidase, method and use of the same patent, JP-2007270775-A: Engine starter patent, JP-2007334499-A: Whereabouts management system, information management system, server device, whereabouts management method and information management method patent, JP-2007516927-A: 支持材表面に多結晶シリコン層を析出させるための装置 patent, JP-2007526874-A: 5ht4−アンタゴニストとしてのヒドロキシカルボニルフェニル置換4−(アミノメチル)−ピペリジンベンズアミド patent, JP-2008128430-A: 巻上機のブレーキ装置 patent, JP-2008172628-A: Image forming apparatus and control method thereof patent, JP-2008202190-A: 撚糸の製造方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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